Everyone keeps talking about moving their business to "the cloud"... but what does that mean exactly?

What-Is-the-Cloud-White-Paper-cover-ISM-ERP.pngThis white paper describes what you need to know about cloud computing to help you make informed decisions about your IT deployment and infrastructure.

Cloud computing (“the cloud”) has quickly become one of the leading technology topics in the world, despite the fact that few people really understand what it is and how it impacts their technology choices today.

Cloud-based services have become so pervasive that, for many organizations, it’s difficult to imagine using applications and technology infrastructure components without the cloud.

Compared with traditional, on-premises, pre-cloud environments, cloud computing has brought efficiencies that enable companies to reduce capital costs and increase business flexibility. And, according to experts, the cloud has had a dramatic impact on how web hosts and data centers operate.

The cloud/SaaS offers an attractive alternative for many companies but it is not the ideal approach in all situations.

Learn more about:

  • The definition of “the cloud”
  • The difference between SaaS and on-premises business applications
  • Single-tenant vs. multi-tenant SaaS deployment options
  • Re-engineered legacy applications
  • Choosing the right deployment option

Companies should consider all available deployment options, but only after selecting the right software and service provider(s) based on system functionality and fit, supplier reputation and financial strength, the support team, and other “due diligence” investigations to determine that you have chosen the right solution.

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