Find Out How to Improve Your Inventory Turns and Get Better Availability

Inventory-Optimization-Informed-Business-White-Paper-cover-ISM-Sage-Inventory-Advisor-NETSTOCK-ISM-ERP.pngLearn how best-in-class companies stretch their inventory targets in terms of improved turns and better availability.

When companies shift their energy from trying to manage every item to focusing on what really makes a difference to the business, they open themselves up to growth by leaps and bounds.

In addition, they realize the benefits of improved planning, reduced excess inventory, and improved availability in the form of increased sales, improved margins, reduced provisions, reduced write-offs, reduced returns, and improved warehouse organization and efficiency. This all results in an improved balance sheet and opportunities for growth.

Plus, when changes in the marketplace occur, these informed companies can adapt their supply chains quickly. When extra working capital is needed, their finance departments can feel much more confident about finding the resources needed without sacrificing customer service levels.

In other words, every stakeholder is focused and aligned around the goal of maximizing profitability and cost containment through better inventory practices—and company leadership can find and correct problems and build on successes more readily. Fewer lost sales and fires to put out, less excess inventory running up costs – new technology puts your data to work to quickly find a comfortable balance between too much and too little stock across the many SKUs you track.

Get the eBook and learn:

  • What inventory optimization is
  • Why inventory optimization matters
  • What happens in the absence of inventory optimization
  • Why stock-outs and overages happen
  • What some best practices are for inventory optimization