FusionRMS POS: A Retail Management System for Acumatica

FusionRMS-POS-Acumatica-White-Paper-cover-ISM-ERP.pngFusionRMS POS for Acumatica is a retail management system extending the reach of Acumatica to the SMB retail and wholesale distribution markets. 

Seamlessly integrated, these applications simplify end-user experience and extend the reach of Acumatica without affecting core functionality.

Fusion Point of Sale (FusionPOS) is a full-featured point of sale solution for retailers wanting to fully leverage Acumatica to provide centralized management in highly distributed retail environments. FusionPOS does this without sacrificing any functionality available in stand-alone retail solutions.

What makes Fusion different from other point of sale solutions?

  • Integration eliminates duplicate data entry
  • Lower cost
  • No downtime
  • Multiple CRM levels
  • Integrated commissions
  • Phantom items
  • User-specific interface
  • Enhancements including Fusion Enhanced Pricing, Fusion Gift Card, Fusion Scheduler, Web Store Integration, Integrated Credit Card
  • PCI compliance

Fusion will enable you to:

  • Optimize efficiency by eliminating duplicate data entry
  • Allow multiple business models to operate simultaneously without sacrificing functionality
  • Improve visibility into all aspects of your business
  • Maximize return on the ERP and RMS (Retail Management System) investments

Fusion also supports multiple customer types, multiple fulfillment options, and multiple types of registers.

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