Discover Key Statistics Related to the Food and Beverage Industry

ERP-in-Food-and-Beverages-Infographic-Cover.pngGet the ERP in Food and Beverage Infographic, and discover key statistics related to the Food and Beverage industry, presented in an interesting and thought-provoking manner. 

Of all of the types of manufacturers out there, food and beverage manufacturers may be subject to the most unique business pressures and requirements. These organizations deal with materials and finished goods that can spoil or become hazardous, and are subject to a variety of regulations. Mistakes can cost the organization greatly in fines and public perception.

At the same time, these organizations have similar requirements to other manufacturers when it comes to the business systems used to manage operations and give business leaders visibility that can enable informed decisions. Therefore, food and beverage manufacturers need a business solution that can manage the front and back office from end to end, as well as provide detailed visibility into materials and finished goods in order to meet their requirements. As such, according to the 2013 ERP Benchmark Survey, 94% of leading food and beverage manufacturers have implemented Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP).

This infographic, based on two Aberdeen surveys, uncovers the pressures that food and beverage manufacturers face, as well as the ways in which they address these pressures through ERP.

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