Control Inventory the Fast, Easy, and Effective Way

Acumatica-Material-Requirements-Planning-MRP-Data-Sheet-cover-ISM-ERP.pngMaterial Requirements Planning (MRP) helps you control inventory. Having less excessive inventory on hand means you’re not tying up valuable cash in inventory.

You can remain liquid and use the funds on other needs, like expanding your operations, investing in new production lines, or organizing additional marketing campaigns.

Material Requirements Planning is the software engine that takes demand from sales orders and forecasts, in conjunction with the supply of purchase orders, production orders, and master production schedules to generate planned orders in a time-phased manner to offset the outstanding demands for end items and subassemblies.

The art of balancing supply and demand is critical to any manufacturing organization. The JAAS Advanced Manufacturing Software (JAMS) Material Requirements Planning module is a powerful planning tool that enables an organization to satisfy customer requirements while maintaining optimal inventory levels.

Implement your manufacturing on cloud technology to achieve cost savings and future flexibility.

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