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When it comes to optimizing the accounting workfow, it’s no surprise that organizations are moving away from paper in favor of digital and paperless accounting processes. 

According to a PayStream Advisors report, organizations now receive their invoices in a multitude of formats, but paper is still at the top of the pile. Half of organizations surveyed said that they receive most of their invoices in paper format.

Papers can pile up fast and, for those in accounts payable, the stacks of purchase orders and invoices can seem overwhelming at times. Emerging technologies like accounts payable automation and virtual credit cards can signifcantly ease the burden, but not all businesses feel they are ready to take the leap into digital.

In this white paper, we’ll take a look at accounts payable automation and show how virtual credit cards fit into this process. You’ll learn how virtual credit cards work, their benefits and challenges, and how companies earn money through rebate programs.

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